Welcome to LUNA, the merger organisation of Dutch-speaking abortion centres in Belgium. On the basis of information about abortion legislation, the different abortion methods and the FAQ (frequently asked questions) you can find out more about the work that we do.

A further aim of this website is to provide you, as a woman whose pregnancy is unplanned, with information and support that is as comprehensive and professional as possible.

Of course it goes without saying that you can also get in touch with one of our registered LUNA abortion centres to receive advice and take action. LUNA strives to guarantee expert advice and support for each individual client from the very first appointment right through to any necessary follow-up care.

In the previous paragraph we talked about ‘a woman whose pregnancy is unplanned’. We are aware of the fact that an unplanned pregnancy has a different meaning for everyone. For one woman a pregnancy is immediately unwanted, for another it is very much wanted, sometimes a pregnancy is first wanted and later unwanted or vice versa. Because of the multitude of meanings a pregnancy can have, the terms unplanned, unwanted and unintended are used on the abortus.be website.




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