The first consultation

The LUNA abortion centres work by appointment only. Call the centre for an appointment. You can do so at your own initiative or after referral by a doctor or care provider. The initial consultation can take place by telephone or face-to-face at one of the LUNA centres. Your partner or a trusted person may accompany you.

A first appointment or a telephone consultation does not necessarily mean that you have decided what you want from this pregnancy. Having doubts is normal. Women can have many different reasons for choosing to have an abortion or to maintain a pregnancy. Every situation is different and several issues may play a role in making a decision. There are no right or wrong choices. Just the decision that you think is best, at this moment and with a view to the future. We offer tailor-made care. We take the time to talk to you and support you in making the best choice for you.

The initial consultation includes an interview with a psychosocial care provider and (possibly) a medical examination. Sometimes there is doubt about the term of the pregnancy and we can establish exactly how far along you are with an ultrasound scan at the abortion centre. The interview itself will cover all the concerns you may have about the pregnancy. We will review your current birth control method and discuss the most appropriate contraceptive for the future. The existing methods to terminate a pregnancy will be explained to you. If you are in doubt about your decision, we can schedule an additional interview.

When you come to the first consultation, bring the following:
  • your identity card or passport;
  • (if available) your blood group card;